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COVID-19 Compliance

The following measures have been introduced in response to COVID-19, to help protect our players, coaches and the community at training and games once the season resumes.

Covid-19 Training Restrictions

  • Teams will be allocated a 45 minute training session, but will only train for the first 30 minutes. This will allow 15 minutes for teams to leave the stadium after training and avoid meeting the next teams arriving to train.

  • One additional adult per team will be permitted inside the stadium along with Coaches and the Bullits Trainer at each training session.  Other parents will be asked to wait off school grounds or in their cars until training is finished. They will meet their children outside the stadium.

  • Bullits will provide hand sanitiser for each person to use upon entry to the stadium and sanitiser spray to clean all basketballs before training commences. Seated surfaces will be wiped down between training sessions.

  • Training attendance rolls will be taken by an authorised Club Biosecurity Officer (with approved training) before training commences. Players will be asked a series of questions regarding their health.

  • Only the two allocated teams will be permitted on the court at the same time, with each team allocated one half of the court.

  • Teams are required to keep to their half of the court and CANNOT cross over into the other half. Players can only train within their teams and there will be no games between different teams at training.

  • Players will be asked to bring their own water bottles filled to training.

  • Players will be asked to use the toilet before they come to training. If players need to use the toilet, they will go one at a time to avoid crowding in the toilet area and be required to use hand sanitiser before returning to the court.

  • Players who are feeling unwell will be asked to stay away from training.

Covid-19 Game Restrictions


  1. U9 & U10 Competitions: 1 Coach, 1 Team Manager, 1 scorer and 1 parent for every two players per team per game. A team with 8 players can have:1 Coach, 1 Team Manager, 1 Scorer and 4 additional parents in total (7 adults).

  2. U12, U14, U16 & U18 Competitions:1 Coach, 1 Team Manager & 1 Scorer per team per game (3 adults).

Game conditions

  1. Normal tip off to start the games will be in place.

  2. No time outs will be permitted by either coach. Referee time outs are allowed.

  3. Players, Coach and Team Managers must adhere to social distancing when sitting on the bench.

  4. All people who enter the stadium must sanitise their hands on arrival.

  5. Drink bottles must be filled prior to arriving and are not to be shared under any circumstances.

  6. All adults entering the stadium must provide their name and mobile phone number.

  7. As soon as the game is completed, all players and adults must make their way to the exit. Under no circumstances are coaches and players permitted to meet after the game whilst in the stadium.

  8. Players, Coaches aan Team Managers are not permitted to shake hands after the game.

  9. Scorers are required to adhere to the 1.5m distancing regulation whilst scoring. 

  10. Sanitised wipes and hand sanitiser are available for each team on each side of the scorers bench as well as a pedal operated rubbish bin for the ball wipes to be disposed in.

Bullits Basketball Club and the Southern Basketball Association (SBA) are doing their best to provide a safe environment for everyone and are strictly adhering to guidelines from the State Government of Victoria, Bayside City Council and Basketball Victoria.

Refer here for Q&A regarding SBA re-opening.

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