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Bullits Basketball Club is a community based, non-profit, junior sporting club based in the Sandringham area.  The Club is run by a hardworking and dedicated group of volunteers who enable our club to field over 80 teams each season, primarily in the Southern Basketball Association (SBA) competition.  Our aim is to promote healthy and regular competition for all boys and girls in the local area.


As a grassroots basketball club, Bullits provides a great opportunity for businesses to support a local sports team and gain exposure and support among local families.

For more information on our sponsors and sponsorship packages, please visit out Sponsor Page.


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Thank you for your support. The funds will be used to support the Club as we continue to grow, develop Junior Coaches, and keep registration costs as low as possible.


Bullits have signed up for the Sportsmart Club Advantage program. This provides the club with a 3% rebate on purchases made by our members.  We will use this to purchase extra training equipment.

The Club Advantage number is 800533.  Please quote this number at time of purchase.

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Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM last week. You can read the President's Report here.

A big thank you to our past Committee members - Jenny Mouat and Heather Simurina - who stepped down from their positions at the AGM and a big welcome to our new Committee members Peta Dyke and Rachel Visser. 

Thanks also to everyone who has contributed to the running of the BBC over the past year - our Age Coordinators, Uniform Coordinator, Trainers, Coaches and Team Managers. 

The 2020/21 Committee is:

Lisa Mouncer - President

Sandy Celantano - Vice President

Kerry Thomson - Treasurer

Sophia Ali - Secretary

Peta Dyke - General Member

Rachel Visser - General Member


As we navigate the slow return to sport and adhere to government restrictions, please continue to visit the SBA and Basketball Victoria websites for the latest information. Please also follow Southern Basketball Association and Bullits Basketball Club on Facebook to keep updated.

Due to the recent Shutdown 2.0, training and games for spring season are on hold.  More information will be provided on when the state government allows return to sport. Please refer to our page on Covid-19 compliance for training and game restrictions.

Our priority continues to be the health and wellbeing of all players, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers and families.  

Stay calm, be safe and be kind.  See you all soon.

Bullits Committee


Bullits Basketball Club is a community based, not for profit, junior basketball Club. Our playing base is primarily drawn from the Sandringham, Hampton, Highett, East Brighton and Black Rock area. This encompasses many of the schools in the area but predominantly Sandringham Primary, East Sandringham, St Mary’s, Hampton Primary, Haileybury, St Leonard’s, Sandringham Secondary College.

The Club is run by a hardworking and dedicated team of volunteers who manage the club for the benefit of our playing membership. We encourage the inclusion of all kids of differing playing abilities to be involved in sport and the benefits of team participation. We encourage friendship based teams as well as individual players looking for a team. We try to place individual players in the best fit for experience that we can. We also do soft grading where requested and encourage the development of teams that want to be competitive in the higher grades.


History & Philosophy

Bullits began as a basketball association in 1991 when a group of Sandringham Primary School friends decided to create their own team instead of playing for various other clubs. The friends wanted the team name to be Bullets but the parents deliberately altered the name to Bullits. The blue & yellow colours were borrowed from Sandy Primary. In their first season, these boys were runners-up in the Under 13A competition.

In the second season, they were joined by a girls team, the Sandpipers, whose colour was fluro pink. By the third season, several other younger boys and girls teams had joined the Club, all now dressed in blue & yellow. The name was changed to Bullits-Sandpipers Basketball Association Inc. The name was legally changed to Bullits Basketball Club Incorporated in 1997.

The founding Bullits Committee included Graham Borghero, Carl Treasure, Sue Lewis and Ellen McCartney. Their efforts helped ensure the enduring success of the Club - for example, they established the Sandringham Secondary College Hall as the training venue we use today.



The Bullits Basketball Club is led and managed by a group of volunteers forming the Committee of Management.    The Committee usually meets on the second Wednesday of even months, i.e. February, April, June, August, October and December (if required).  These meetings occur at the Sandringham Basketball Stadium at Tulip Street and all are welcome to attend.

An Annual General Meeting is held in July each year where a new committee is elected.  The notice of the AGM is sent to all teams via Team Managers.  We encourage as many people as possible to attend to share ideas, provide feedback, nominate for a position, or simply find out more about the Club and how it runs.

The Bullits Committee for 2020/21 is:


Lisa Mouncer


Sandy Celantano


Kerry Thomson


Sophia Ali




Rachel Visser


Peta Dyke



Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 Bullits AGM.  To read about the Club's activities and progress over the last 12 months, the President's Report can be found here.


President's report 2019.

Honour Board

Bullits Honour BoardNOV2018.jpg

Life Members

Life Membership recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals to the Bullits Basketball Club.

Recipients of a Life Membership Award are:

Rowena Francis - 2016

Rowena served as the Registrar of Bullits Basketball Club for 11 years and was Vice-President for 6 years.  She played a significant role in the growth of our club and is still an active supporter.

Jenny Mouat - 2020


Jenny served on the Committee of Bullits Basketball Club for 10 years in various roles, including President for 5 years. She has been instrumental in leading and supporting the Club, sharing her knowledge and experience, and guiding the Committee.  


View full list of Premierships



New Players

If you are looking for a team for your child, please complete the New Player Enquiry Form to enable the Club to place your child into an appropriate team.

Autumn season runs from January - June and spring season runs from July - December.  Hence ideally, please contact us in October/November for autumn season and in April/May for spring season if you are interested in joining a team.  It is a lot more difficult to find a place in a team once the new season has started. 

New players are required to pay the Player Registration fee plus purchase a Bullits player singlet and shorts. The Registrar will send you a new player registration link to use upon confirmation of a place in a team.

Player Registration

Towards the end of each season information will be sent out via the website, Team Managers and Facebook posts asking players to register for the following season and the link to be used for registration.


You must use the player username and password to register. The current registration fee is $285:  $250 Bullits registration fee, $10 Southern Basketball Association fee and a Basketball Victoria fee of $25 for juniors and $37 for seniors. Note the BV is a compulsory fee for all players in Victoria, payable every 12 months.

Bullits Basketball Club offers:

  • A $10 discount on 2nd, 3rd and any subsequent sibling registrations. All siblings must be registered at the same time for the discount to apply.

  • $100 discount on fees to parents who coach their own children’s teams*.

  • A reduced registration fee to teams that do not train*.

  • A payment plan to pay fees in two instalments during the season*. 


*Parent coaches and teams that do not train, please email registrar@bullits.org.au for the appropriate registration link.

Uniforms & Merchandise

Playing Singlets

Players are required to purchase a singlet at a cost of $45 and can be purchased direct from the club.  Two 'uniform days' will be run at the end of each season to enable the purchase of singlets.  Second hand tops can also be purchased at a cost of $20 if the required size and number is available.

Bullits Shorts

Bullits shorts cost $45.00 and can be purchased direct from the club. A limited number of second hand shorts are also available at a cost of $20.

Bullits Hoodies

An order for Bullits Hoodies is arranged through the club a few times each year.  A player’s name can be embroidered on the back for an additional cost.  Team Managers will distribute information and collect team orders and payment when an order is being arranged.

Bullits Socks

Bullits socks cost $10 and can be purchased at any time through the club. They come in the following sizes: 13-3, 2-8.

Bullits Hair Ribbons

Bullits Hair ribbon can be purchased at any time through the club. The cost is $4.50 per metre.



Codes of Behaviour

The Bullits Basketball Club Codes of Behaviour sets out the minimum standards for anyone involved in the Club. It should apply when playing, training or taking part in club-sanctioned activities.

The Bullits Basketball Club Codes of Behaviour supplements the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct. By registering with Bullits Basketball Club each season, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the BBC Codes of Behaviour document and will abide by it as a member of the Bullits Basketball Club.


Member Protection Policy

The Bullits Basketball Club Member Protection Policy outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.  Our policy informs everyone involved in our club of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are expected of them. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in our club’s activities.


Team Managers Manual

The Team Manager is the point of contact for each team and is responsible for communication between the team members/parents and the Bullits Committee and Southern Basketball Association. The Team Managers Manual provides team managers with all information needed to successfully perform the role.

A team manager briefing session is conducted at the start of each season and all team managers are encouraged to attend.


Working with Children Check & Member Protection Statutory Declaration

Basketball Victoria requires all people working with Basketball Clubs to provide a Working With Children Check (WCC).

The Bullits Basketball Club Committee support the Act and require all Coaches, Team Managers, Coordinators and Committee members who are 18 years and over to have a Working With Children Check.


The WCC is FREE to volunteers.  This link will take you to the application form. For organisation details: Southern Basketball Association, 150 Tulip Street, Cheltenham, 3192.


The Working with Children Check assists in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for, them are subject to a screening process.


Sworn Police Officers (who are not suspended) only need to supply the Club with a copy of their Police ID and Teachers only need to supply the Club with a copy of their VIT ID.


Basketball Victoria further requires all persons who undertake the WCC to complete a Basketball Victoria Member Protection Statutory Declaration.

A copy of your WCC and the signed Member Protection Statutory Declaration must be completed and submitted to the Bullits Registrar when you become a Coach, Team Manager, Age Coordinator or Committee Member.

Download Documents

Player Enquiry Form

Bullits Club Member

Protection Policy

Member Protection Statutory Declaration

Bullits Coaching Manual

Bullits Team Manager Manual



A team needs five players on the court and 2 or more players on the bench. Southern Basketball Association requires a minimum of 7 players be registered in a team.  Club Policy is teams have up to 8 players. It is up to the individual teams if they wish to have 9 players in the team.  Some teams prefer 9 players to cover possible illness, injury and unavailability, particularly in the winter season.

Players can fill in for other teams in a higher grade in the same age group for a maximum of two games.  Players in a higher grade are unable to fill in for teams playing in a lower grade in the same age group.


Players can also fill in for a team one age group higher. There is no limit to the number of games they can play, however if a player plays more than three games, they are required to register and pay fees to play in the team.

On request Bullits will grade players or teams to match them to the right level of competition.


If you are looking for a team please complete the Player Enquiry Form.

Training Roster




Bullits teams have use of the hall at Sandringham Secondary College on Bluff Rd and the hall at Sandringham East Primary School on Holloway Road.

Teams generally train for 45 minutes subject to court availability. Training times are decided once teams are finalised. The younger age groups are given priority for earlier training time slots over the older age groups. Bullits trainers are provided to either assist the coach with training sessions or they can run the training session for the team.

It is required that at least one parent is always present during training sessions in addition to the coach.  This is particularly important if the team has a junior coach.

Teams can elect to play games and not train.  A reduced registration fee is available for those teams electing to forgo a weekly training slot.

Weekly Skills Training Sessions

Bullits offer weekly skills sessions open to any player who wishes to attend at no additional cost.  These are currently held at either Sandringham East Primary School and Sandringham Secondary College:






Bullits coaches are either parents of players or junior coaches. The club will pay for coaches to attend Coaching courses including Level O and Level 1 Courses and any run by the Southern Basketball Association (SBA).


Sandringham Secondary College hall use

  • The hall should be open at 3:45pm every week day so that teams can start training as soon as they arrive. But if the hall isn't open, please try to get there a bit early and go around to the office and kindly ask to have the hall opened.

  • Food should not be consumed inside the hall as this can attract rodents.  Only drinks should be consumed.

  • Children should not be on the stage, behind the stage or in any of the rooms behind the stage.

  • Bikes should not be ridden on the outdoor basketball court.

  • Please consider the neighbours when your teams are arriving and departing the venue, especially later in the evening with regards to noise levels.

  • Teams MUST stick to their allocated time slot. If your team is late arriving at training for whatever reason, you MUST still finish on time!

  • The cleaner is only contracted to work to a certain time so it is imperative that teams finish on time. The cleaner has a copy of the roster and is aware when teams are due to finish.  The cleaner can commence cleaning the hall if a team finishes at 8:30pm.

  • If the school hall is unavailable for a particular reason (e.g. during exams and NAPLAN testing), teams can train on the outside courts, light permitting.

Training Roster Spring 2020



Coaching Manual

Coach Registration Form

Junior Coach Application Form

Bullits teams are encouraged to source their own coach. If teams are unable to find a coach, the club will endeavour to source that team a coach, however please note this is not guaranteed. The club provides trainers at training sessions at Sandringham Secondary College on Bluff Road to help run training sessions. Each trainer is a Level 1 Basketball Coach and can be used as a mentor for some ideas or they can run the whole training session for the team each week.

A coaches briefing session is run at the start of each season where all Bullits coaches are encouraged to attend.  This session covers the expectations of coaches, provides coaching tips and skill development information for different age groups, and enables coaches to ask questions and share experiences.

Coaches are role models for the players, and it is expected that they show good sportsmanship at all times and don’t criticise the referees or players.

Basketball should be fun and it’s the job of the coach to develop the skills of players as well as hopefully instil a lifelong love of the game!

All Coaches are required to read and sign the Bullits Basketball Club Codes of Behaviour.


What are the age group cut off dates?

The age group cut off date is: Winter Season: December 31st the year that the season is in. Summer Season: December 31st in the year the season finishes. Players must play UNDER the age they are on December 31st. i.e. if a player is 9 on December 31st they play U10, if they are 10 or 11 they play U12s, if they are 12 or 13 they play U14.

Can I play up an age group with my friends?

The Southern Basketball Association has a policy that all players must play in their correct age groups. If players are registered and play in their correct age groups, they are also able to play up in the next age group only.

How do I buy a Bullits singlet?

Playing singlets are available for purchase direct through the club at a cost of $45.00. All new players are required to purchase a singlet. Second hand singlets can also be purchased at a cost of $20.00 if the required size and number is available.

Where do I buy Bullits shorts?

Bullits shorts can be purchased direct from the club at a cost of $45.00. A limited number of second hand shorts are also available at a cost of $20.00.

What are the fees to play with Bullits?

The current registration fee is $285 for a season. $250 Bullits registration fee, $10 Southern Basketball Association fee and a Basketball Victoria fee of $25 for juniors and $37 for seniors. Note the BV is a compulsory fee for all players in Victoria, payable every 12 months. We offer a $10 sibling discount for additional registrations at the same time. There is a $50 late fee for registration fees that are paid after the closing date.

I coach my child’s team, is there a coach concession?

Parents who coach their son/daughter's team will receive a $100 reduction in fees.

What is the cost of entry into the stadium?

Under 18 years entry to the stadium is FREE. 18 years and over can pay $4 casual entry fee or purchase a Membership Entry Card online at the SBA website for $25. This pass gives unlimited entry to the stadium for one season excluding finals games. An entry fee of $4 per adult is payable throughout finals.

What day does each age group play?

Monday: U12 Girls, U18 Girls Tuesday: U14 Girls Wednesday: U16 Girls Thursday: U10 Girls and U10 Boys Friday: U9 Girls and U9 Boys Saturday: U12, 14 and U16 Boys Sunday: U18 Boys, U20 Men, U23 Men and Women

What are the game times?

On weekdays games are generally played at: 4.15pm, 5.00pm, 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.15pm, 8.00pm (if required). The number of teams in the competition will determine the game time.

Where are games played?

The main stadium is in Tulip St, Cheltenham. Games are also played at Cheltenham Secondary College, Mentone Girls Secondary College, Mentone Grammar and Parkdale Secondary College.

Do games run over the school holidays?

No. Games run throughout the school term.

Where do I access the game fixture?

Game times, days and venues can be found on www.southernbasketball.com.au under “Domestic Competitions” - “Fixtures”. You can access the page here.

How many players should be in a team?

A team needs 5 players on the court and 2 or 3 players on the bench. Club policy is teams have up to 8 players. It is up to the individual teams if they wish to register with 9 players. When determining team size, consideration should be given as to whether players are involved in any other sports that may clash with basketball games (e.g. football in the winter season).

How many games can I fill in for a team in a higher grade in the same age group?

Maximum 2 games.

How many games can I fill in for a team in a higher age group?

There is no limit. However if you play more than 3 games you would have to register and pay fees to play in the team.

Does Bullits grade teams?

Bullits is primarily a friendship based club but on request we will grade players or teams.

I have never scored before, where can I get information?

Scoring instructions are available at: https://support.sportstg.com/help/courtside-quick-userguide Please note that when scoring, it is expected that scorers will act impartially, ie no cheering, yelling or coaching from the scorebench.

Where do Bullits teams’ train?

Junior teams train in the school stadium at Sandringham East Primary School (Holloway Road) and the hall at Sandringham Secondary College on Bluff Rd (enter via Lawson Pde).

Do I need to provide a coach for a team?

Teams are encouraged to source their own coach. If teams are unable to source their own coach, the club will endeavour to find that team a coach. Please note this is not guaranteed. The club provides trainers at training sessions at Sandy Secondary College to help run training sessions. Each trainer is a Level 1 Basketball Coach and can be used as a mentor for some ideas or run the whole session each week. Parents who coach their son/daughter’s team will receive a 50% discount on fees.

Do Bullits teams have to train each week?

Teams can elect to play games and not train. A reduced registration fee is available for those teams electing to forgo a weekly training slot.

What is the heat policy for games and training?

Games: if the court temperature is over 35 degrees then game times will be shortened to 18 minute halves with a five minute half time and a mandatory time out at the 9 minute mark of each half. Training is cancelled if the temperature is over 35 degrees at 3.30pm.






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